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Old Villa Restaurants


Garden residence. Built in 1925. Brick-and-concrete composite structure. Eclectic style. Shanghai Municipal Government Issued on 31st Oct.2005.
This upscale Japanese restauant lounge is housed in the gorgeous mansion of a former shanghai tycoon in the French concession.The usual array of SUSHI,SASHIMI, and other Japanese dishes.Are paired with artistic surprises and a dally catch flown in fresh from Japan.

Fu 1039 Restaurant

It is a restaurant offering local-style dishes. In every room of this 3-story house, there are western style furniture of the old times in Shanghai. It serves old Shanghai dishes.

Paulaner Brauhaus

Built in 1920, it is a house of French-style. It was a private house before 1949. The local people called it "White Mansion".