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Shanghai Old Famous Brand Shops

Wang Da Long Knives and Scissors Shop

In 1870, the shop was opened up. The knives and scissors named “Double Lions” have the best reputation, especially the scissors for dressmakers.


Zhang Xiao Quan Knives and Scissors Shop

According to the record, the earliest Zhang Xiao Quan Knives and Scissors Shop was built in 1911. Later there were several such shops in Shanghai. In 1956, 3 Zhang Xiao Quan Shops merged into one. There are various scissors for different uses in the shop

Wuliangcai Glasses Shop

Wuliangcai opened a jewel and jade ware shop in 1720, he sold glasses also. The glasses business developed greatly, he turned his shop to a glasses shop with the name of Wuliangcai. It has produced Wuliangcai glasses since 1896. This glass has advantages of high elasticity, no deformation, anti- corrosion and fadeless.

Cao Su Gong Ink Shop

The Cao Su Gong Ink Shop was moved from Anhui Province to Shanghai in 1864. It has produced and sold ink for more than 100 years. In 1914, Cao Su Gong ink won the gold medal in the Tokyo Expo.

Lao Jie Fu Commercial Building

It was the largest silks and satins shop in Shanghai in 1936. It deals in silks and satins, gong satins, silks with embroidery and silk and satin quilt covers. It was rebuilt to Lao Jie Fu Commercial Building in 1993.

Wang Xing Ji Fan Shop

It was moved to Shanghai from Hangzhou in 1937. It is specialized in sandalwood fan with beautifully painted landscapes on it. Wang Xing Ji is regarded as the Fans King by people now.

Xin Guang Optical Instruments Shop

Xin Guang Optical Instrument Shop is an old shop formerly called Wanjing), in fact the city's most famous shop specializing in both old and new optical instruments and second-hand instruments. Its staff are also among the very few people in Shanghai who can repair old cameras. It sold only modern products for a while after changing its name to the present Xin Guang, but recently resumed dealing in old and antique optical instruments.